Facial Bar

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This is one of our BEST sellers! The Facial Bar/Acne Bar lathers beautifully and is highly moisturizing. Finely ground oatmeal gently exfoliates to clear clogged pores and balance oily skin.  The Jojoba Oil provides vital nutrients to keep your skin healthy and soft. Jojoba Oil is the closest oil there is to our own human skin which helps prevent the over production of oil for those with acne as well as prevents dryness in older skin ( which includes anyone older than a toddler;). The addition of Mustard Powder and Tee Tree Oil adds natural antibacterial and anti-fungal  qualities with just enough lavender and rosemary fragrance oil for a fresh, herbal scent.

Veronica -Block‎ to Eileen's Natural Soap

· July 22, 2016 · New Bremen ·

As I was working the other kevin was setting up at the store I work at in new bremen. I was telling him that my son is very allergic to poison ivy and usually end up in the hospital to get his shot and pills to help rid of it. This year when he got it I decided should give the facial bar a try to get rid of it within 5 days it was clearing up and no trip to the ER for us. This product is great. Kevin introduced me to the headache roll on that is going to be my next purchase thanks Kevin.

Joleen ‎ to Eileen's Natural Soap

· June 18, 2016 · Bluffton ·

I've been buying product from here for at least 2 years now. I love the facial bar. It clears up acne better than anything commercial you can buy...and it's better for your skin! The pet shampoo is great too. My dogs never have fleas ( I don't use flea meds) and they smell great for weeks after baths. The headache relief works wonders as well. Many of my co-workers ask for it when they get a headache at work! Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. And if you haven't met the owners they are super nice!